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Care, Prepare and Support

They say it takes a village to raise a child and yet too many mums report that, when it comes to their breastfeeding experience, they felt totally alone. This feeling of isolation might have manifested due to difficulty breastfeeding, lack of preparation on what to expect, unrealistic expectations, external pressures or a general lack of trust in one’s own instincts. Whatever the reason, breastfeeding is not a solo journey but one that you can take accompanied thanks to Jo Everatt, a qualified midwife and lactation consultant and founder of both Breastfeeding  & Baby and Antenatal & Baby.


To classify Jo’s approach as ‘hand holding’ would be to dumb it down but when patients talk about the services of Breastfeeding & Baby, it’s this immense feeling of being continually supported that seems to resonate the loudest.

“My son was diagnosed with a posterior cleft palate at about 36-hours old. Jo understood immediately how important it was for me to still be able to breastfeed him – I believe her words were ‘do keep breastfeeding I can support you through this’. She made me feel that I wasn’t crazy to keep trying and hoping when other medical professionals seemed to imply I was. 16-months on and we are still happily breastfeeding, something which seemed so impossible in those early days” – Sally

Breastfeeding & Baby believe that every new mum should feel continually supported, which is why we’ve developed a platform that offers support away from the traditional follow-ups. Thanks to our inclusive packages, new parents and their babies are not left alone right after that first latch but supported through the early days and the months that follow. This includes weaning, preparing for a possible return to work and even subsequent pregnancies.


Your breastfeeding journey is as a long as you (or baby) want it to be and it will be filled with eventualities that you can equip yourself for. Better still, our services help empower your whole family unit because we believe that breastfeeding is a team event.


“I have had a wonderful 4 years breastfeeding and it would not have been possible without the guidance and support in those early days and subsequent years. Thanks, Jo” – Lydia

“My son and I have accomplished successful breast feeding, thanks to the help we received from Jo. However, I also wanted him to be able to take the bottle with my expressed breast milk. This would give my husband the opportunity to feed our son and enjoy that all important bonding time. As we had some spare time on holiday and a relaxed environment, Jo was able to provide us with an online consultation on bottle feeding with some helpful advice. So much so, our baby took the bottle within a day or two. It is difficult when family members cannot enjoy the bonding time that I get when I feed my son, and now thanks to Jo’s help, her guidance has facilitated that. Not only can my husband now feed our son, but also other family members have enjoyed the pleasure too.” – Clare

Breastfeeding & Baby educate by demonstrating the innate behaviours of newborns and understanding new mum’s natural responses to her baby, to better enable the process of breastfeeding. Our webinars discuss and teach the importance of visual prompts for latching so that baby is taught and mum is instilled with confidence and skill. We also discuss problems associated with breastfeeding and their solutions, the aim is to encourage women to approach breastfeeding with a confident and realistic attitude. Sometimes breastfeeding is not easy, preparing for this well will give you a great start. Better still, we reassure all new parents and parents-to-be of our support network – a real lactation consultant on-hand to guide you through every step of the way (because we understand that very often those ‘panic’ moments happen ‘out of hours’ when the rest of the world seems to be sleeping).


A care package from Breastfeeding & Baby is one of the biggest investments you can make not only for your baby and yourself but also for your future. Allow yourself to look back on this early years and consider them unforgettable, for all the right reasons.


“Somehow it really seems to be a journey, one with good days some with bad, but definitely one where help and support are needed. Thanks to Jo, I was not just prepared technically, but also emotionally. As my partner just recently told me (with an air of proudness) I embraced breastfeeding completely, entirely and without fear – and that is totally thanks to Jo’s education” – Corinna

Care, Prepare and Support for Every Stage of Your Breastfeeding Journey