About This Project

“I was lucky enough to be able to breastfeed without trouble in the hospital but a week into breastfeeding, I woke
up one morning with pain in my breast. Through the day, I developed a fever and the pain did not get better.. I
didn’t know what to do because it was a weekend and my GP wasn’t working and since my post-labour mind was
foggy, I felt lost. This is when my hubby suggested we contact Jo. I called her and she was so nice on the phone,
keeping me calm while letting me know that I need to act fast to prevent future complications. She gave me a
plan of action (get antibiotics, drain the breast, keep breastfeeding,…) and called me later that day just to check on me. To this day, I remember the sense of security I felt the moment I heard her voice on the other side of the line. With her help, I was able to overcome mastitis and breastfeed for two years” – Sepideh