About This Project

“I had a rocky start to breastfeeding 4 years ago with the arrival of my first. She tended to sleep and not latch properly in the hospital so getting into a good rhythm and position was hard and I came out of hospital with cracked nipples. I saw Jo when she was just over a week old and she fixed the positioning and gave me the confidence to just go with what felt right with the feeding. When I became pregnant with my second I tried to wean my first off breastfeeding (aged 15 months) but she was not persuadable. She finally stopped the day I went into labour saying that my boobs were her sisters now. I am still breastfeeding my second child (though trying to wean her too) at age 22 months. I have had a wonderful 4 years breastfeeding and it would not have been possible without the guidance and support in those early days and subsequent years. Thanks Jo”