About This Project

“Do you breast or bottle-feed? I’ve never liked that question because it seems so black and white. I like to say that I breastfed with a bottle but it is more commonly known as exclusively pumping. For various reasons breastfeeding did not happen with my son, despite the best efforts from myself and advice from Jo. However, with Jo’s guidance and invaluable support, I was able to build my milk supply and express my milk to feed my son via a bottle. Jo helped me to understand how my milk supply worked and we worked out a pumping schedule that was both beneficial for my supply but also achievable with a newborn to care for. I was able to ‘breastfeed’ my son until he was 4 months old, at which time I felt happy to make the switch to formula. Exclusively pumping can be difficult but you develop a routine and soon it just becomes part of your day. I even used to bring along my pump to the Friday baby groups! I’d like to encourage any mother who is having difficulty breastfeeding to consider exclusively pumping. It can be difficult at times but with the right tools and support from Jo you can achieve your desire to feed your baby breast milk even if it’s not in the traditional way.” – Laura