Later Days

Later Days Support – A Lactation Consultant In Your Home

You’ve been breastfeeding for a few weeks or months now (well done to everyone!) but perhaps the new normal is about to change again. Maybe this includes a return to work, an introduction to solids, baby’s introduction to day-care or a parental decision to reduce night feeds, introduce a bottle, stop breastfeeding or even a decision to try for another baby. Whatever the situation, we understand that parenthood is constantly evolving and bringing with it new phases which continually need supported. This is why we offer full Later Days Support which is available to all parents who want to discuss the next stage of breastfeeding, whatever that means to them. In each case, Jo Everatt (a Trained Midwife and Lactation Consultation) is available for advice as you transition into the next stage of your parenting and, indeed, your breastfeeding journey.

One to One Virtual Counsels


Because your breastfeeding journey is only owned by you and your family, these counsels are totally tailored to your own individual situation. Whatever you want to discuss, Jo is on hand to offer advice and to create a plan which will ensure any changes are comfortable for both you and your baby. Our services are always geared to support you in your parenting decisions and desire to breastfeed for as long (or as short) as you want, so rest assured that all advice is geared to be supportive and applicable to only your own unique situation.


Cost: 65 euros for one hour.
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Cost: 35 euros for 30 mins.
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