Early Days

Early Days Counsel – A Lactation Consultant In Your Home

Following on from our Breastfeeding Preparation Workshops and Consults, we offer full Early Days Counsel. This support is on-hand for parents during the very early days following delivery and bringing baby home. Many families report that this period is the most daunting as baby adjusts to life outside the womb, and the new parents learn the patterns and preferences of their baby. It is during this stage that many obstacles are also thrown into the mix including tongue tie, mastitis, sore or cracked nipples and other difficulties like reflux or colic. Couple this with lack of sleep and, often, new parents can feel isolated in their experiences (particularly at 3am) which is why Breastfeeding and Baby allows you the opportunity to reach out to Jo Everatt (a Trained Midwife and Lactation Consultation) for advice. In each case, Jo Everatt will endeavour to respond to you as quickly as possible – because we appreciate how much anxiety the early days can be filled with.

One to One Virtual Counsels


Because each new-born is individual, these counsels are totally responsive to each new parents’ and baby’s situation. Whether you are reaching out to discuss milk supply, latching, frequency of feeding, pumping or any other breastfeeding topic – rest assured that Jo’s vast experience means she will have guided new parents through it before and can help you immediately.

Cost: 65 euros for one hour.
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Cost: 35 euros for 30 mins.
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