Breastfeeding Preparation – A Lactation Consultant In Your Home

We believe that knowledge is the key, especially in the absence of experience. This is especially true as a first-time parent, where there are so many big unknowns – with feeding baby being just one of them. If you are expecting a baby, your wealth of information is abundant and yet it can be daunting navigating the information available to you – from well-meaning friends and family to books and forums. At Breastfeeding and Baby, we seek to provide resources that are unlike many others, in that they are created and managed by industry professionals and totally customised to your own unique situation. All our Breastfeeding resources are prepared by our Midwife and Lactation Consultant Jo Everatt.

One to One Virtual Breastfeeding Preparation Workshop


We offer one to one virtual workshops that are totally focused on breastfeeding preparation and lead by Jo. These are ideal for brand new parents who want to equip themselves in the skills needed to feed and nourish your new-born when it arrives. These classes discuss new-born natural behaviours and how to optimise latching. They focus on repetition of feeding techniques in slow time so that you are totally skilled in real time when baby arrives. Each workshop discusses the role of the family unit, including the partner since we believe that feeding is a team event. A team event that you will be totally prepared for once baby arrives.

Cost: 65 euros for one hour.
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One to One Quick Response Consult

Because you might have some follow-up questions, either before or after baby arrives, we’ve created a facility that allows you to top up your knowledge with a 30 min one to one consult. Whatever your question, concern or knowledge gap – we plan to instil the confidence needed for a happy breastfeeding journey. Some of our previous patients have used this facility to diagnose mastitis, discuss how to increase breastmilk, achieve a better latch or position, deal with cracked or sore nipples or to discuss supplement feeding. Whatever the reason, you have full access to Jo, simply think of it as a trained Midwife and Lactation Consultant right your home, with just the touch of a button.

Cost: 35 euros for 30 mins.
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